Walk Tall, Walk Proud, Don’t Fall Out of Your Lifts.

Today I found my new favorite website and product. WalkTallShoes, (not pictured) and it’s amazing tagline: “Now you can be taller than her.” The lifts in the shoes add up to 2.75” to men’s shoes, for those men who don’t want to wear straight out heels like his Purple Royal Majesty. Using facts such as the increased sexual attraction of men who are taller, the number of presidents who beat their shorter opponents, and the number of CEOs who tend to be taller than the national average, the site makes compelling arguments for their shoes that add height to the wearer.

Of all my friends, I’ve only known one guy who admitted to wearing lifts. Is it the same as women wearing padded, push-up bras? I can’t help but wonder if there is a level of disappointment to men when the bras come off. I tend to doubt it since they are probably only thinking “boobs” at that point. But when you meet a guy who has decided that he needs to wear lifts to be taller? At some point it is going to come out. You can’t hide them in flip flops, or other summer shoes. What happens when the guy you’re dating suddenly goes from 5’10” to 5’8”? How does one handle that? Is it the truth in advertising? Or does he wear the lifts long enough to know he’s “in” so to speak, and then shows up without them? Do you care at that point, or is it a, “what the hell?!” kind of moment?

I vote for “What the Hell?” although personally, it would probably depend on what I already thought of the guy. There’s a tipping point somewhere between not judging on looks, and being okay with an element of dishonesty. But that’s just me.