Things I Hit With My Head

There are good days, and then there are days that I run into things, with my head. Most of the time I can brush it off, other times I might swear, and on really bad days I might run into a tree branch or the back door of an SUV a van, or back of my Prius that drops me to my knees. The worst come when I’ve been wearing a baseball cap which cuts my line of vision. Those things are horrible, proceed with caution when wearing them.

Below is a relatively comprehensive list of things I hit my head on as I’m standing, walking, and just living my life. Learn from me and watch out for these seemingly harmless things.

Tree branches
Shower heads
Shower curtain rods
Car trunk lids/doors that swing up
Chandeliers/hanging lights
Roof of cars
Pull-up bars
Top bunks
Street signs
Kitchen cupboards
Ceiling fans
Cooking pots/pans hanging from ceiling
Cave roofs
Tops of tents
Old-school wall mounted TVs
Oven hoods
Low-hanging flags
Party decorations
Hanging plants
Overhead baggage compartments on airplanes