My Three Words 2017 Edition

For some reason (2016) it was difficult to sit down and focus on what three words I want to use as my guides in 2017. For those of you who didn’t catch my post last year, this is my fourth year of choosing three words instead of resolutions. Stealing the concept from Chris Brogan, I […]

It’s January, What are We Waiting For?

Let’s get these challenges started January! The month of new beginnings, fresh starts, new goals, and resolutions. It can’t help itself, that is what January is about. For January, I’m going to follow the same path I have the past two years, only I’m making it harder, because what sounds like more fun than starting […]

2016: My 3 Words

Three years ago I found Chris Brogan’s approach to each new year and quickly adopted it as my own. Instead of making a lot of resolutions, or goals for the new year, he chooses three words to act as his guiding force throughout the year.  In 2014, I was clearly new to the idea and after around […]