Resources for Women’s Larger-Sized Shoes

This post will eventually be moved to it’s own section, but my blog is too new for those details quite yet. In the meantime, here is the important part, the resources for where to find large-sized shoes.

This list is an evolution and even in the past few months that I’ve been gathering the sites, one is no longer available, Barefoottess was acquired by Long Tall Sally, and a few new sites have appeared through my ongoing searches.

That said, please leave me a comment if you have any additional sites to buy large size shoes.

I can safely say that seeing the lack of women’s shoes larger than a size 13 makes me feel bad for those with size 14 or 15 feet. For all of the difficulties I had trying to find size 11s, I can’t imagine.

I could keep writing, but what’s the point. The important information is below. So, with no more words from me, here is the list of online stores that carry in sizes 10+ for women: (up to size 16)

Barefoottess – now LongTallSally (up to size 15)

Dillards (up to size 12)

DSW (up to size 13)

J Crew (up to size 12)

Marmi Shoes (up to size 13) (up to size 12)

Nine West (up to size 12)

Nordstrom (up to size 14+)

Payless (up to size 13) (up to size 12)

Samanta Shoes (up to size 14)

ShoeMall (up to size 15, but anything above size 13 must love Birkenstocks) (up to size 15, but anything above size 13 must love Doc Martins)

Shoes of Prey (Custom designs, up to size 15)

The Outnet (up to size 11)

Zappos (up to size 17)

Zofie Shoes (up to size 13)

Happy Shopping!


Shoes Pictured Above:

Top left: Michael Kors Daminta Wedge Black Canvas at Zappos

Top middle: Jeffrey Campbell Puente Leather Sandal at Nordstrom

Right: Black heels with customizations at Shoes of Prey

Bottom: The Bella- Single Layer Wedge Soft Top with Arch Support and Tapered Canvas Strap at Rainbow Sandals 

I live in Southern California, no group of shoes would be complete without a pair of slippers (flip-flops).