There is almost a reassurance that comes with the first post. A welcoming of new people. Of establishing the blog for what it is and what it will become. My approach is optimistic, my feelings are overwhelmed and excited. And the goals are endless when it comes to creating a blog for talls like me. Too much time has been spent shopping online trying to find shoes that fit, clothes that are long enough, men who are tall enough, sports that I enjoy, and, when I was younger, other tall women to look up to (so to speak).

Growing up, I could never shop with my friends who were petit and could fit into the junior-sized clothes that never fit me quite right. When asked to be in a wedding that required a little black dress, mine had to be custom made because the choices that were offered didn’t cover enough to to be appropriate in a club, let alone in a church. I have a weird fascination with the height of actors and tall actresses. The actors, because I like to know what actors are taller than me, versus those that I could put in my pocket and run with, and the actresses, because I like to know I’m not alone, that somewhere out there, tall women can be successful, well dressed and not have to answer questions about modeling or playing basketball.

This blog is for tall women. To find experiences they can relate to, resources we can all use, and stories we all share. And when you’re in the store, and a short woman asks you to reach something for her, you’ll do it happily because you’re not alone.

10 thoughts on “Introduction

    1. Anne, the cut-off height for relationships is different for each person. I have shorter friends who only date 6’4″ (another topic for another time), and I have tall-ish friends who date shorter men. As for the “to lift or not lift” question, only the guy who has even considered it can answer that!

      1. Lol, Anne actually asked about “readerships”, not “relationships”. I too would like to know the cutoff for us “tallISH” gals and if we qualify.

        1. Readership, relationships, clearly there’s a lot on my mind this week! Luckily my blog is for everyone, as long as you enjoy hearing about the life and experiences of a tall girl in a not-so-tall world.

    1. Thanks Laurel! At 5’9 1/2″ tall (don’t leave out any quarter inches!), you’re tall-ish. Taller than average, not as tall as me. But with you’re attitude and personality, you’re tall enough to join in the fun!

  1. I am 5’7″………not tall, just slightly above average. But, I have a daughter whom I’ve been told by doctors will be 6’1″. Since she’s only 8 (but already 4’10”), I ask I be allowed to follow as a representative of future tall ladies. Sooooooo, may I?

    1. Absolutely! And I’ve had more than one parent ask me for resources for their taller daughters. Shoes for tweens with larger feet that are tween-appropriate, etc. So read away!

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