February Picture a Day: Week Three

February 13

Valentine’s Day Massacre Outrigger Canoe Race.

First place winners received heart-shaped glasses. What?  Oh us? Don’t mind if we do.

Valentine's Day Massacre


February 14

Love. Apparently I was walking around looking for signs.


February 15

Downtown sunset.

Sunset in San Diego

February 16

Finding Hawaii back at home.

Hawaiian restaurant in town.

February 17

Working too late. Where did all the people go?

Late night at work

February 18

Coffee break, complete with snacks and my T-Rex.

TREX and Coffee

February 19

Friday’s workout ended with me boxing with a cute guy at the gym. I had the gloves, he had the pads, so I got to do all the punching.

Boxing Gloves

February 20

Coronado Bridge at dusk. Simplicity. I love where I live.

Coronado Bridge at Dusk

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