February Photography: Starting off on Vacation


I lined up February’s photo challenge to align with my Hawaii vacation (cheater!). There are breath-taking scenes all around me but I’m trying to take photos that mean something to me, or allow me to look at the world in a different way.

January 31 – practicing with my phone

Kailua Farmers Market

February 1

First day of OC1 camp. After paddling in the morning, I drove up to the North shore and found the surf contest was still going on. Cars were parked everywhere. Finally I gave in and parked, walking along the beach in awe of the waves. A woman walking her dog told me it was worth going to check out the contest and all its crowded craziness. While I wasn’t sure, I kept walking until I reached it. She was right, it was worth it.

North shore Surf Contest
Volcom Surf Contest, North Shore, Oahu. I like this photo best of all those I took because it has the most going on.

February 2

I had a four hour break between paddling sessions so I roamed into town for some lunch and shave ice before hitting Lanikai Beach to try that whole “relaxing” thing.

Shave ice

Bonus Photo

Lanikai Beach, yes that is an unedited, no-filter photo.

The Mokes
The Mokes

February 3

Yesterday at my OC1 camp of one I actually brought my camera out on the canoe. We took out a four-man canoe, just my coach and I. He taught me how to steer, and then he surfed us around the Mokes. Also, surfing in a canoe is amazing!

Learning how to steer
Learning how to steer in a mostly empty canoe, really I was just trying not to take us in circles.

Bonus Photos

Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial
Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial

February 4

Another amazing morning of paddling today, this time out into the open ocean so we could surf the swells back in. Thankfully I was on a two-man canoe with an experienced surfer on the back to steer us. Since I didn’t bring my camera with me, I’m including pictures from my afternoon adventure of touring the Iolani Palace in Honolulu.

Iolani Palace

Coming Soon!

More photos from each day as well as links to inspiration and useful photography tips.


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