February Part Four, Taking it Through Leap Day

The last installment of my February Challenge.

February 22

La Jolla Village.

La Jolla

February 23

I spent my day at work until very late with little/no photo ops. At home, however, everything on my fridge makes me smile, sometimes it’s the little things that catch your eye.

Fridge Art

February 24

Sun, palm trees and the trolley, in downtown San Diego.

San Diego

February 25

A walk through the gaslamp quarter.

Gas Lamp

February 26

San Diego County Building, on the way to the airport.

Buildings at the harbor

February 27

Health experts explaining science and biology at UCSF. I won’t lie, it was more science than I’ve heard in the past 20 years combined.

Paleo health gurus

February 28

Visiting my family. It might have been my sister’s birthday, by that doesn’t stop the selfies from flying – my brother, his daughter and me.

Playing with family

February 29

I changed my flight at the last minute and flew back a day early. Little did I know how gorgeous the sunset would be over the Bay Area as we left.

Sunset by air over the sea


Taking a photo each day began to be a good way to preserve each moment. Time goes by so fast, it can easily become a blur without the little moments that can help capture it. Having proof of each day doesn’t slow time down, but it does help me remember each day a little more. The ability to be creative and use pictures to express my time made up for all the work I put into the January Challenge.

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