Finding the bright side

Life: The Latest Challenge (June’s Challenge)

When I designated 2016 the year of challenges, I specifically said I didn’t want huge, uncontrolled challenges. Instead, I wanted cute, little challenges that I gave myself. Challenges that might push me just enough out of my comfort zone, help me heal, and look at exciting ways to move forward as a “better” person. That was […]

Holy Crap, I got a Puppy!

My May Challenge was going to be a sleep challenge. I researched ways to fall asleep, found a 14-day training program, and knew the environment I needed to create to help me fall asleep before 1, 2, 3am. I’ve had difficulty sleeping for about half my life, and no matter how little fun it sounded, […]

April Challenge: Order out of Chaos

My April goal was to make order out of chaos, create a somewhat minimalistic life and therefore live happily ever after in all of the additional space I created by getting rid of stuff. In my head, that’s what I meant by the “Tidying Up Challenge”. I successfully tidied up and organized these areas of chaos: […]

February Part Four, Taking it Through Leap Day

The last installment of my February Challenge. February 22 La Jolla Village. February 23 I spent my day at work until very late with little/no photo ops. At home, however, everything on my fridge makes me smile, sometimes it’s the little things that catch your eye. February 24 Sun, palm trees and the trolley, in downtown San […]

My Feet Always Touch the Ground

It was nothing short of an existential crisis. Sitting in the chair, I realized my feet didn’t reach the ground. My feet always touch. Always. It’s an accepted fact of my life. Like gravity, like the sun always rising in the east, like it being impossible to find jeans long enough in a normal store. In […]

How I see the world

Tall Girl at the Party

There’s a certain point where it doesn’t matter whether or not I wear heels. I’m tall. Chances are extremely high that I’ll be the tallest woman at the concert, party, club, store, gym, mall… you get the idea. The question then becomes, not “Should I wear heels?” but instead, “How much taller than everyone else […]

Stop Slouching and Stand Tall

My awareness of just how tall I was started in junior high, and with it came the need to slouch, hunch, and in general try to be shorter. I had always been the tallest girl in class, sometimes the tallest person in class, but in junior high I became more aware of it. Perhaps it was […]